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As one of Ireland's leading driving instructor training centers it is no surprise that we have strong strategical relationships with driving schools all over Ireland. Part of our training strategy is working closely with some of the big driving schools. Thanks to these strong relationships we can often guarantee our success trainees work once they have completed their training so they can hit the ground running.

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Everyone loves a good driving instructor. The best instructor's, the one's who puts their pupils at ease, rarely needs to advertise, because their pupil spreads the word for them. It's a great career for calm, practical people who know how to get the best out of others. How do you choose a driving instructor training school that brings out the best in you? How do you mark out good tuition from bad? Can you be sure you're getting value for money? Here's what you should be looking for. Ask to see your trainers credentials. You'll be able to find all Approved Driving Instructors on the RSA.ie website.

Some schools charge huge fees up front. Others charge for part one tuition, something you can easily study for free in your own time. A good school makes it easy to pay in ways that suits your budget. If you want to do well you'll have to get on with you trainer. Make sure you meet them before you start. Don't sign anything until you've met the person who'll be training you. Better still, spend some time in the car with them before you commit.

Trouble is driving instruction is a practical skill. The best training is always one-to-one in the car. Some schools slash costs by stuffing two or three trainees in the car at the same time. That means you don't get the vital one-to-one tuition you need to qualify.

Ask about your driving instructor trainers experience and pass rate. As for proof otherwise your teacher, is at best, satisfactory at teaching learners how to drive. Would you trust your career to someone whose skills are merely satisfactory? It's also worth asking a trainer what they've done to improve their skills. Some schools don't move on, once its trainees have passed part two, that's it. But there are plenty of advanced qualifications out there to give a trainer even more skills to help you pass part two. The more qualified they are, the more knowledge they can pass on to you. It's easy for trainers to claim success, but less easy to prove it. Ask your trainer to show the exam papers of previous trainees.

Life moves on. You could pay for your instructor tuition in advance, then to find that family or work commitments mean you can't use it all. The question is, can you get your money back? Getting student to begin with can be tough so partnering with established driving schools at the start of your career could be a great option for you.

If you're starting on your own, it's good to have someone at your side. A guiding hand could stop you making silly beginners mistakes. Perhaps the best test of all, is to ask former trainees what they thought of their tuition, they'll be sure to tell you whether it was good value for money or not.

Don't you deserve a better school? Call us today to talk about how we can help you become the successful driving instructor you deserve to be.


My name's Sean. I'm a driving instructor based in the South Dublin. I became a driving instructor because I really enjoy teaching practical skills. And I really want and enjoy seeing people develop a practical skill. This wasn't my first career. I've always been in training - my previous background involves military training. The training looked quite intimidating, was really hard work to do, but it was quite exciting at the same time as well. So it was quite a big adrenalin rush, but it was something I really had a passion in so I thought that definitely I could succeed.

So the process started with some initial meetings with my trainer, where we talked though the theory side of things. He helped me a fair bit on that. The driver training was quite interesting because I really did have to revisit some of the bits that I thought I was good at, and perhaps wasn't so good at. The NUI Driving Instructor Training brand straight away was a massive appeal to me, being a large corporate industry, really - a brand that I trusted straight away. The franchise options from the strategic partmers is something I was quite keen on doing because it gave me the flexibility to be able to run my own business. Being your own boss, having no boss - fantastic - it really is great. Sometimes lonely though, so that's where the support structure of the NUI Driving Instructor Training has come into play, because I haven't got a line manager necessarily. But actually I have got a local coach, a local mentor.

The feeling I had when I first have a lesson - partly because it was so quickly after I got home with my brand new NUI Driving Instructor Training car - was just amazing. Nervous and daunting, going to meet a complete stranger and taking them out for the first time. But then seeing the end results of that and seeing that person driving around now and seeing how happy she is and how that's changed her life. The biggest asset is the car, for sure. So having that decent car as one of your biggest tools is great. But also there is a marketing department. They are doing a lot of work for us - in effect, supplying us pupils. The elements of marketing are-- some of it that I actually fell upon - things like filling my car up with fuel every day, and spending a little bit of time extra in a petrol station, just to catch a conversation with somebody, or instead of having my lunch in the corner of a car-park out of the way somewhere, having my lunch right in the entrance to a nice supermarket.

I really like the business side of what I'm doing because it is all for myself, which is fantastic. I did find myself, in the early stages, running out of time to do the diary management, the phone calling of pupils and just happened to deliver those lessons. So it did take me a while to understand that the business as a whole is as important as delivering that lesson. Diary management skills is a massive part of what you need to make sure you can sort as an instructor.

Once, I park the car in the drive at night, there's just so much that I want to do to make sure that the learning for my pupils is most effective, and that just needs to take as long as it needs to take. If I choose to work a 60 hour week, I can do that if I wanted to. If I choose to work a 20 hour week, I can choose to do that. But that reflects in the way it comes back to me as well. I think the NUI Driving Instructor Training brand is a quality brand. You definitely want to be representing that brand as professionally they represented themselves to me. It certainly makes me feel proud when people come up to me, and ask me questions because they see me as a reputable organisation. The impact it's had on my family life is amazing. My wife certainly feels the benefit in me enjoying my job. The NUI Driving Instructor Training brands obviously gives me a certain amounts of clients coming through the door, which you pay an induction fee for. People can either book via the website, or they can book through the call centre.

I think to be a good driving instructor, you definitely got have really, really good people skills. You're going to sit really, really close to somebody, teaching them a skill which they may or may not find really, really easy. But, you've got to be able to communicate with them effectively. Time management is critical. I think my pupils have got their own lives as well, so if I'm late that's going to affect them hugely. We've got the ability to be able to communicate if we're going to be late with our pupils via the bluetooth, hands-free device in the car, which is great. From my point of view, I think being my own boss is probably the most fantastic job I've ever had. I love that element, because I can make the decisions to work the hours that I want, and ultimately earn the amount of money that I want, based on the effort that I put in. I would say it is the best job in the world I've had so far.